Where should i submit the required documents ?
We will send to you a website link, you can upload all documents, as we do not receive any hard copy.

We got an approval for hajj online under your company's registration, We are staying in riyadh and would like to know what we have to do after making the online payment

1- wait for a message from MOH saying ( your hajj permission is printed) it may take 2 to 3 weeks.
2- after that will send you a message with a link where you can upload all documents, no need to submit originals to us.
required documentation:
- ID copy
- Picture (only men)
- Vaccination and blood type
- Sign our terms and plan ( You can download from the top of this page)
Plz make sure terms has two signatures (1- Infront of NOT TO ACCOMPANY CHILDREN. 2- AT THE END OF THE TERMS)

When and where do we have to arrive in jeddah ?
We have two different plans based on the program you have chosen (Normal Fare or Low Fare),
i will answer assuming ( Low Fare )
Details are available in the following link:
i will advise you with the most important details:
* we do not go to Haram, we go direct to Mina.
3- On 13th Thulhijja, we leave from Mina to Haram, right after we finish throwing stones after Zuhor Pray.
Finshing depends on road and Haram crowd approximately 12pm you will be done.

what all facilities are you going to give us?
All facilities are defined by (MOH) ministry of Haj
please see the below link

Can we accompany kids with us?
No you cant.
kids won't be allowed into the bus nor the camp.
This clearly stated in the contract printed by MOH, 
and it is company policy according to MOH instructions.
You may read the contract from the below link:

How can i get my Hajj Permission (Tasreeh)?
You should print from your own (Absher) after you get the approval from MOH. We have nothing to do with getting the approvals. You will be able to print after you receive a message from MOH saying ( your permission is printed ), this may takes two weeks, we dont realy know.

Do you offer slaughter package as well?
Slaughter is controlled by MOH, their booth are available all over Mina, approximate cost between 400 to 600 sar.

Will you take us to Makka for Umrah first? If yes, when ?

.Sorry we don't

Whats the gathering place address ?

You can find it on the following page

and you may visit the English plan page

How can I canell my reservation after my permission got prined ?

Cancellation and Refund Procedures (After permission printing)

1- Hajji, must submit a cancellation request to Hajj Company.
2- Hajj Company will submit a request to Jawazat for permission cancellation.
3- After (Jawazat) finalize the permission cancellation, the reserved seat will be available on-line for someone else.
4- Then, Hajji, should go to MOH web site, under (Packages and Reservation ) tab, (Refund) option.
5- From that option, Hajji must enter the account number that money paid from.
6- MOH will proceed the refund, Hajji should follow.
7- After 1st of Thul hijjah, no cancellation is accepted.

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