Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Those who are Believers in Allah, are adhered to the terms and conditions that are agreed on.
 Yet, it is our duty to save everyone's rights

All conditions have been studied carefully to gain access to greater commitment to our Prophet Muhammad's guidance, as well as to the comfort of pilgrims, so we hope that everyone adherence to the following:

 First: General conditions: -


1- You are not allowed to smoke or carrying the cigarettes inside the bus or the camp.
2- Prices are not including a sacrificial animal.
3- No pilgrim entering the bus or the camp, without (Gate Pass) card and (wrist strap) man or woman.
4- All accompanied (CHILDREN or INFANTS) will be prevented from entering the bus and the camp, unless they have been officially registered and get Hajj Permit, as statement by the Ministry of Hajj (This condition is not negotiable).
5- We communicate with pilgrims during the Hajj season continuously through SMS. We will keep you posted with urgent instructions and useful guidance.
6- Therefore, please make sure that the registered mobile number in the registration form at the portal of the Ministry of Hajj, is correct and will be carried with you, that’s why we do not accept one number for a group, so that the company guarantees the delivery of information to everyone.
7- After you finish your registration procedures through the portal of the Ministry of Hajj, visit our office (or email us)  to provide printed contract from MOH, along with the necessary documents (Copy of Identity, Picture "only men", vaccination and blood type). Then you will be asked to sign the Terms and Plan).
8- You will be registered in our system and will receive an SMS contains of login details to our website. Please make sure you save this message.
9- We apologize, we are unable to provide worker to push a wheelchair, if you need assistance, please make sure you officially register someone who will be able to help you, either for wheelchair or a patient who needs special medical care. Please make sure you bring your own wheelchair with a lock.
10- We are using an advanced program to accommodate the pilgrims of the same group close together and next to each other automatically, this distribution is happening according to the program chosen and the date of registration, so the company does not accept individual requests.
11- The company policy is not to leave early from Muzdalifah, unless otherwise, we receive different instructions from MOH.

Second: in Mina

Visiting Rules: -

12- Visitors are not allowed into the camp for any purpose whatsoever and for whatever reason is.

 Movements between Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah:

13- We do not provide buses to (Alharam), but in the day of 13 upon leaving.

Third: the responsibility of Haj

Haj lost: -

14- Returning to the camp is completely your responsibility, if he left on his choice, knowing that we will not be late in providing any help we can give. We recommend using "Google Maps" in smart devices by storing the camp site upon arrival, and the depiction of what can be photographed, landmarks surroundings, and the location of the camp.

 Fourth: The conditions of Hajj permit issuance and handing it over or sending it: -

Hajj permission is issued through MOH not by us, after you receive a message from MOH saying your hajj permission is printed, then you must printed from you ABSHER account and bring the permission at the gathering place on the day of leaving.


 Fifth, financial conditions: -

16- According to the payment system which was approved by the Ministry of Hajj, the payment is done through the ministry's website and to the Ministry of Hajj bank account only.

Cancellation policy before printing hajj permission, as stated in the circulating of Ministry of Hajj No. 9939922
Note: AlNoor camp's policy does not accept the cancellation after 1 TulHijjah


 Sixth :clothing system inside the camp

Men dress:

18- In order to preserve the sanctity of the place and time, we are requesting the pilgrims to stay away from shorts, or knees, and shoulders T-shirts and shirts that contain pictures and English phrases that have bad, insulting, or wrong meanings and symbols.

Women's clothing:9
Required to be respectful dress not transparent or open shoulders or short, or night gowns.
 Please prevent narrow trousers or shorts, blouses cleavages or abdomen short.

Alnoor's Managements have the right to request a change of clothes to preserve the layout of the camp Awareness.

* I acknowledge that I have carefully read above terms and I totally agree, I also acknowledge that I have read the Alnoor Company Plan that stated in their website and I total understand it and agree to it.

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